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Who we are


With a strong blend of experience and expertise, Bagnato & Pflipsen are a winning team for clients.



We don't nickel and dime clients, pad our roster or make promises we can't keep.  We achieve results and offer unparalleled service for our clients.


Andrew Bagnato and Kristen Pflipsen have more than three decades of experience in communications, primarily in sports and events.  During that time they have developed an extensive network of national contacts in the media and athletics.  The pair met while working at the Fiesta Bowl, where they led the communications strategy that restored the organization's reputation following a public scandal.  
Bagnato has nearly 30 years of experience at the highest levels of sports journalism, media relations, marketing communications and sports business.  Bagnato attended Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and went on to join the Chicago Tribune, where he spent 18 years.  In 2003, the Scottsdale High alum moved back home to the Valley to join the Arizona Republic.  He later spent four years as a Phoenix-based sports correspondent for the Associated Press.  In 2010, Bagnato left sports writing to become Chief of Communications at the Fiesta Bowl. 




Pflipsen has extensive experience in public relations, media relations, event planning, branding and image consulting industries.  A graduate of Colorado State University, the Colorado native has a passion for the sports and tourism industry.  Pflipsen served as the Director of Public Relations for the College Football Hall of Fame where she oversaw all media relations, publicity and event planning for the iconic organization.  In 2010, Pflipsen left the Hall of Fame to join the Fiesta Bowl as Director of Public Relations where she directed all media relations logistics and revamped the branding for the organization's bowl games and charitable arm.


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