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Karl Benson, Commissioner, Sun Belt Conference

“Bagnato Pflipsen Communications will deliver for you. How do I know that? Andy and Kristen teamed up to write Arizona’s successful bid for the 2016 College Football Championship Game, and their creativity and professionalism made a strong impression on the commissioners who made the decision.”


Dennis Dodd, national college football writer, CBS Sports

“Andy and Kristen have great credibility with the national media. If you’re wondering what they bring to the table, look at how they handled the Fiesta Bowl crisis. It was one of the worst PR nightmares I’ve covered. They managed it perfectly and emerged with a sterling reputation among reporters.”


Bill Hancock, Executive Director, College Football Playoff

"Andy Bagnato and Kristen Pflipsen know how to navigate a crisis. They are strategic thinkers and they can adjust on the fly when the situation calls for it. Their communications skills are superb. They have the respect of the media – and that’s a big advantage for anyone who hires them."


Sherry Henry, Former Director, Arizona Office of Tourism

“Bagnato Pflipsen Communications is a new firm, but its partners are well-known and respected. But before they give you advice, they listen. That makes them a wonderful resource for people who have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell it.”


Win Holden, Publisher, Arizona Highways

"If you want someone to make you look smart, hire Bagnato Pflipsen Communications. Andy and Kristen have strong strategic communications skills and are very well-connected. They don’t burn bridges – they build them.”


Robert Shelton, President, Research Corporation for Science Advancement

I worked directly with Kristen and Andy for over two years and they are a talented team.  Andy is a brilliant writer, using his vast experience in journalism to articulate clearly and concisely across a wide scope of topics.  Kristen has an unerring eye for content, style, precision of expression and detail.  Additionally, their skills go beyond communications; they also have a strong strategic sense, and their instincts are always on target. Based on direct experience, I would hire them in a heartbeat.”



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